5 acres deep in the Mojave desert, legal access and close enough to metropolitan areas to make a nice weekend getaway spot.  The road in is exactly 1 mile of dirt after leaving pavement.

This property is a blank canvas in the high desert and very secluded, the kind of place where you can expect peace and quiet, dark night skies, and your own private compound away from it all.  Use it as a campsite or for future cabin plans but keep in mind any development must go through proper permitting channels.  All vacant land in California is subject to various county rules and regulations.

5 acres measures 330' x 660' and is easily found just south from the interesection of Occidental and Houlihan.  Although this property is very far out from any city or town it also falls within the California City limits.  Nearest supply spots in order would be Johannesburg (20 minutes), California City (30 minutes), or Kramer Junction (35 minutes).  Access is from the roughly paved 20 Mule Team Parkway.

When we lived in Los Angeles getting away to the desert was a fun past-time, and any opportunity to pick up some affordably priced land was looked at.  We always recommend to visit before purchasing, feel free to walk the property, and overnight stays are welcome with advance notice.  All through the pandemic we have been selling parcels and often many buyers converge at once making it a first come first served proposition.  

We now accept a token deposit of $100 against the down payment of any property for sale.  The $100 locks it up while you gather the rest of the down payment together.  Payments are accepted through Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.  We've adopted this system to make it easy, with no questions who is first in line.

APN: 457-062-03

Zoning O/RA, open space allows for recreation use and single family dwelling provided infrastructure is in place.

$12,000 - Recent price drop!

Owners will finance with $1000 down payment.  Monthly payment will be $122.12 for 10 years at 6%.

No Qualifying

No Credit Checks

No Pre-payment Penalties

All paperwork is handled in house and through email, upon receipt of full down payment possession of the property can take place within a few days.

Google maps link for driving directions:

Property taxes approximately $188/year, give or take.

Easiest way to find property is from the corner of Occidental and the Twenty Mule Team Parkway (TMT).  Parcel is exactly one mile north from here on Occiental, however, this road isn't the best for passenger vehicles there are a couple other very easy graded roads to take.  Once at the property it is easier to explore the other options.

Parked at Occidental and TMT.

TMT is paved but has many sections of firm dirt and pavement grindings, it reminded me of roads you'd find in Baja Mexico.

Property is exactly one mile straight ahead, Occidental will make a couple winding turns and the worst part of it is right here when it leaves the pavement.  (some loose dirt and small whoops)

First property marker if you can spot it, about 15 feet off the road and on your right.  SW corner.

Another 330' further is the NW property corner .  5 acres measures 330' x 660' and easy to stake out with our 330' roll up tape measure.  Just a FYI, these corners haven't been professionally surveyed but are very close to be dead-on which I will explain shortly.

Parked on the property and setting up camp.  View towards van is from back of the acreage and looking west towards Occidental.

So a short walk north from the property is the intersection of Occidental and Houlihan.  If you poke around at the intersection you will find official survey markers in the ground, iron pipes filled with cement and stamped with survey tags.  The property is 660' south of the intersection so measuring was a breeze.  All around at different intersections the white posts are up, but they haven't all been stenciled yet with street names - blame it on the city!  (But in the meantime keep paying your property taxes)

Same intersection of Occidental and Houlihan looking south towards property which is exactly 660' down and on the left.  Bushes are tall enough to obscure our campsite.  Plenty of privacy and the area had a very safe feel.  Basically the further from civilization the better we feel, makes for great sleep under the stars although there was some light pollution seeping over from SoCal.

Looking north up Occidental, you can see the excellent condition of roads in the area.  Very hard packed and no washboard or whoops, suitable for any kind of passenger vehicle.

Stamped survey marker from intersection where we made our measurements from.

Staying cool while we measure.

Back at camp, no one around for miles and not one person drove by during Easter weekend.  Photos don't show it but we had views from snow capped peaks around Mt. Baldy to the blinking red lights of the Tehachapi wind farms.

Decent motorcyle single track, smooth and seldom used.  The one thing I can say about this area of the desert is the soil is very firm and there are hardly any rocks at all, perfect for kids and beginners.  There is so much space for people to spread out that trails are in great shape, the ususal soil erosion occurs when you pack everyone into a small space, not here!

Sun setting over the Mojave.  $122/month!

Thanks for looking!