Tonopah and Tidewater


Just under 17 acres of property just outside of Baker, CA, headed north on the 127. Property is accessed by county road and is divided by the historic Tonopah and Tidewater railroad bed. Borders public lands!

Monthly payments to fit your budget, let us know what works for you - asking for 10% down payment. 5, 10, or 15 year terms available with competetive interest rate.

For example: $3,900 down, and monthly payments of $388.80 per month for 10 years (5.95% interest).

Red arrow points to approximate location. Acreage is about 20-25 minutes from downtown Baker.

About 2+ miles of dirt to get to property. Leave the 127 at Riggs Road, and quickly head right at County Road 20905. That road will take you right onto the property. Most higher clearance vehicles will do just fine, the road is in good condition but has a couple spots where a Honda Civic would be innapropriate. Our Rav4 sailed right in.

Plat map showing the T&T railway cutting right through the property leaving about 12 acres on one side and 4+ on the other. The railway was once private land and has been deeded back to the United States so in essence is now public land. Same goes to everything to the east.

Pulled off the 127 and looking off towards the property.

Rigg's Road prior to County Road 20905.

Parked on the property. Looking over the county road towards the railroad bed.

County road over property looking north towards Dumont Dunes. Dunes seen upper left hand corner.

Good as spot as any!

Neighbor's religious message riddled with bullet holes. Post delineates the northern border of the property from next door neighbor. I checked, and the Caoile Family still owns the adjacent parcel.

Furthest northeast corner of property, past the railway bed. Due to the lack of vegetation corner markers were easy to find. We didn't walk around to all of them but I'd say they are all out there still. Public lands straight ahead.

Like I mentioned, roads are decent but better off for the vehicles shown.

Tonopah and Tidewater RR monument of sorts.

Bridge is gone but the foundations are still funneling the occaisional flood.

Took a look through the ruins, found some interesting rock fill used in the construction. Further north the railway converts into another interesting 4x4 route, spent time there long ago.

Nice walk back to the car.