Jennie B Lode

Under construction!

But in the meantime this is a very rare 20+ acre patented gold site in CA. We sell mining patents often and own a 50% undivided stake in the entire property. Patents are private property and are usuable as such, no need to ever actively mine but it is nice to have the option especially when gold is involved. In the past we've bought what is available and then compile 100% ownership as time goes on - and we may with this property as well.

Easy monthly payments, let us know what works for you, asking for 10% down payment. 5, 10, or 15 year terms available with competetive interest rate.

For example: $1,900 down, and monthly payments of $198.55 per month for 10 years (7% interest).

Property is located in the Slate Range near Panamint Valley and is actually carved into the NAWS China Lake base, very unique and retains private access via Copper Queen Canyon Road. Very close to the San Bernadino and Inyo County lines.