Jennie B Lode


This is a rare 20+ acre patented gold site in CA. We sell mining patents often and own a 50% undivided stake in the entire property. Patents are private property and are usuable as such, no need to ever actively mine but it is nice to have the option especially when gold is involved. In the past we've bought various interests in historical mines and then compile 100% ownership as time goes on - and we may with this property as well.

In the meantime we are offering easy monthly payments with a 10% down payment.

$1,900 down, and monthly payments of $198.55 per month for 10 years (7% interest).

Property is located in the Slate Range near Panamint Valley and is actually carved into the NAWS China Lake base, very unique and retains public access from Searless Lake Road and Copper Queen Canyon Road. Land is in San Bernadino but very close to the Inyo County line.

If you are interested in purchasing let us know! We handle all of the paperwork in-house and can deliver possession of the property within the week upon receipt of the down payment. Everyone has different needs when it comes to land ownership, for us the more remote the better! And just putting it out there the shared ownership isn't a big deal, we've done it many times and most of the owners have disappeared or want little to do with their property.

For sale by owners! That means no hassles, credit checks, or getting turned down by banks when trying to qualify for a loan. Financing for this property is built in and we prefer monthly installments due to tax reasons.

Location in the Slate Range, closest town is Trona for gas and supplies. Ridgecrest is a full service city. Panamint Valley and Death Valley also very close by.

San Bernadino GIS map, property lines fairly accurate but may be slightly off. To the left of the property is public lands, to the right NAWS China Lake. This property at one point was going to be taken by the US Navy but later that right was relinquished. As such it is partially an inholding. Access by Copper Queen Canyon Road.

Plat map showing proximity to Inyo County. Patented land is owned by two different parties that is why the box shows a "02" and "01". The parcel is 20.66 acres +- and each ownership is 1/2 undivided interest meaning every owner has full access to the entire property while owning 10.33 acres +-

Slate Range foothills where the Jennie B. Lode is located. Many good mines were lost with the formation of NAWS China Lake.

Looking northerly, towards Panamint Valley and Death Valley. That may be Telescope Peak on the far horizon.

Looking back at the Trona Airport and Trona Wildrose Road. We happened to be driving on the Searless Dry Lake road. The road was excellent for our Rav4 but halfway between the Gold Bottom Mine Road and Copper Queen Mine Road it became too unpredicatable and rutted from a Slate Range cloud burst. Plan to return in a truck and update with more photos.

Leaving early via Searless Dry Lake Road - have a date planned at the China Lake Buffet.

Thanks for looking!