Ever wondered what you might be getting into with a visit to Hilton Creek?  Please sample the below comments taken directly from our guest books. (and it’s just a small sample)

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June 2023 (years in the making)

This place is unreal, a work of art.  A vortex into another world, so genuine and unique and cozy.  One of our best nights in Mammoth was when we decided to stay in the cabin, checking out the books on the shelf and listening to the river, marveling at the gnomes on the fireplace, reading one of the three guest books (so many cute stories).  So grateful we got to stay here.  Hosts were responsive, kind, relaxed, trusting.  Just all around great energy.  Would come back any day. 

-Los Angeles, CA

July 22

Perfect weather, Great hikes!  Best cabin in the state!  Can’t beat the creek and view, it’s the best – that’s why we keep coming back!

-San Diego, CA

July 15

Thank you for making this lovely cabin available to us.  This is a paradise that we couldn’t imagine.  It has been a fantastic adventure.

-Madrid, Spain

July 27

2 nights in a cabin, honeymoon, pictures don’t capture a third of the visual beauty, words can’t even come close to describing the contrast of so many colors, the intensity of what you hear is breathtaking, and the fresh smell of the aspens combined with the pureness of the creek.  Will be returning in the future.  Don’t change a thing.

-Lakeside, CA

August 5

It was a pleasure being in this beautiful place especially having the river next to us we enjoyed the sound of the running water.  The cabin is really comfortable.  Thank you very much for letting us spend these wonderful moments with you and your family, these memories we will never forget.

-Sylmar, CA

August 8

Had a great time fishing, reading, and just hanging out!  Your cabin is very comfortable. Not fancy, and that’s the way I like it.  Here are some highlights that no one has written about: the tick tock of the wall clock when all is still, the heated mattress pad, the toilet seat cover is the nicest I’ve ever seen (no kidding).  Getting up in the middle of the night is not so bad when you can see a “million” stars thru the bathroom window, fresh flowers on the table.  It’s all the little things that make we want to come back.

-Newbury Park, CA

April 27 (written to our youngest child)

Dear John Jr., I had fun with your adventures.  I liked the things you showed me and my sister like the Indian hole with the stones.  Thank you for taking hiking trips with us.  We hope to see you again.  Thank you!

-Orange, CA

October 14

Even more beautiful this visit than the last ~ perfect time to see the fall colors as the trees turn.  Went hiking today up at Shadow Lakes – strongly recommend that trip – hope to come back and camp farther in.  Will look forward to our next visit!

January 21

This was the perfect weekend retreat for us as we celebrated my wife’s B’day.  The cabin is comfortable and warm, we certainly used enough fire wood – the night time temp is about 10 degrees.  We definitely recommend Tom’s Place for prime rib on Saturday night.  Lots of food and the price is right.  Thank-you.

June 2

What a great little cabin!  You guys have stocked it well with utensils and other amenities.  We used the Hot Spring book to track down Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, which is now called (or perhaps cunningly posted) Wild Willy’s Board Walk out by Hot Creek.  We got there just at moonrise on a full moon – Gorgeous!  We hope to come with friends after you build another cabin across the creek, need to cut down the stand of aspens first though. (JOKE)

June 6


Sunshine, rain, sleet, hail, and snow.  Perfect weather   What a great getaway retreat.  We loved it.  Thanx for the hospitality, look forward to returning for the fall colors.

-Whittier CA

August 18

What a wonderful week – Immersed in nature!  Your cabin has such a spiritual feel to it as well as tons of charm – the woods – the creek – the grinding stone – the 4th creek and the beautiful hospitality from you and your precious family has been a real blessing – thank you so much.

-Calabasas, CA

P.S. The glorious sound of water was so healing!

November 21

What a great soothing Thanksgiving we had here – Weather too good – Low’s at night 18F highs 50F – Great fishing on Hot Creek – Great mello time listening to the sound of Hilton Creek.  Great photo opportunities.  The Comfort Stove kept us warm and cozy.

-Ventura, CA

December 18

We had such an amazing time here and even though out 7 hour drive from Oakland took 17 hours because of the storm and losing our chains and having triple A tow us out at 2:30 in the morning and getting here at 4AM we wouldn’t take any of it back if it meant we wouldn’t make it here, we will be back!

-Oakland, CA

September 1

Thank you for making this sweet little cabin available to us.  What a delightful retreat and respite from our city life.  Took some great hikes – Convict Lake, Barney Lake, and Ruby Lake.  I even did a trail run to Mono Pass.  The sound of the creek and the wind in the aspens will play in our ears and hearts.

-Venice, CA

September 28

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with us!  Where else can you wake up and drink your coffee by a mountain stream and an aspen grove? (after sleeping in a comfortable bed!)

-Redwood City, CA

October 11

We really enjoyed our stay here — arrived 4 days ago when it was warm and sunny – sad to be leaving today with a lite dusting of snow — very beautiful looking out at the aspens and listening to the gurgling creek…  Great hike yesterday in Rock Creek canyon – highly recommended.  Great fall colors!!  The cabin is very cozy and we’ve got to get a pot-bellied stove!

-Oxnard, CA

June 4

The cabin was one of the best places we ever stayed in.  It had an amazing view, and it felt so relaxing.  The service was amazing!  Five minutes after we arrived, we were greeted and John chopped firewood and showed us how to use the stove/fireplace.  The next night we found more wood and a sleeping bag at our door.  Overall, this was better than many five-star hotels, I give the place an A+.


July 31

This cabin is absolutely incredible!  What a welcomed change from the typical, characterless condos of Mammoth.  The Sierra’s need more authentic, magical, get-a-ways like this.  We’ll be back in no time.  Thanks so much for the hospitality and take care!!!

-Long Beach, CA

P.S.  one of our favorite vacation spots, ever!

August 20

Thanks John!  Like everyone else who has visited this little cabin, we enjoyed our stay.  The creek and forest have helped to make it a most memorable vacation.  Sayonara!

-Tokyo, Japan

June 16

We’ve been here four days now, but it only took us four seconds to fall in love with your beautiful cabin and this magnificent setting.  The best hike we found was from the mosquito Flats trailhead out of Rock Creek, we plan to come back to backpack there.  We saw so many beautiful lakes around here!  We really enjoyed sitting in the cabin and listening to the creek.  It was an awesome and peaceful homebase for our daily explorations of this amazing area.  We will definitely be back.  Thank you for making this little piece of heaven something so many of us can enjoy.

-Oakland, CA

May Lundy Mine hike, mid October.