Kingston Wash


15.55 acres partially in the Kingston Wash along with high ground above it. Easy access and close to shopping and gas right off Interstate 15 (Cima Road exit). Half-way between Barstow and Las Vegas. Borders public lands and seasonally there is water on the property.

Asking for $2,000 down, and monthly payments of $244.25 per month for 10 years (6% interest). Owner financed!

Coming from Harrah's in Las Vegas this property was exactly 1 hour out.

Borders public lands on the west side. Access from Excelsior Mine Road, Shadow Mountain Road, or from the wash itself.

Parked near the NE corner and looking easterly towards Clark Mountain.

Property has an abundance of vegetation, along with a Joshua Tree forest. We noticed Banana Yucca, Buckhorn Cholla, Branched Pencil Cholla, Athel Tamarisk, and a couple varieties of Mesquite.

Looking west over the 15+ acres.

Yucca and Clark Mountains.

More Yuccas and first view of the desert pavement.

Old survey post near NE corner.

Property has large swaths of desert pavement above the wash itself. Nice to have and takes a long time to create. Basically a flood-free zone.

Huge tree on the property and inside the Kingston Wash, think this was the Elephant Tree.

Kingston Wash is a special place, further north it shares a 4x4 route through the Kingston Wilderness. Many years back I spent a full day in it and still didn't see everything. Water does flow over the property seasonally and will flow for some time depending on weather conditions. The gas station nearby serves up a decent date shake and while you are there say hello to Zoltar the Great.