BLM small tract Searles Valley

SOLD! 3/31/2021

5 acres in Inyo County, bike riding distance to town and adjacent to 1000's of acres of public lands. Gated community.

$5,000 with built-in owner financing. Recently reduced!

Terms: $250 down, $4,750 payable over 10 years at 6.75% comes to $54.54 per month.

APN: 038-340-09

Visit Inyo County GIS online mapping here: (and enter the APN in top left search box)

View property in Inyo County. Slate Range in the distance with some fun 4x4 and off road trails linking up Panamint Valley and Death Valley. BLM small tracts are left over from the 50's and 60's where the BLM would sell off public lands into private ownership. In the beginning they would sell very cheaply and come with the requirement that new buyers go out and build a small desert cabin of sorts. Hasn't really gained traction out here like other areas of the CA desert.

View east across Valley Wells and towards Slate Range.

Main road in is gated, can't locate who controls the keys but if you know please reach out. In the meantime there are other round about roads that come in. The good news is the gate has controlled illegal dumping, a frequent occurrence in the desert especially close to town. Although road is flat and graded it does travel through some abrupt washes, wouldn't be suitable for all passenger cars or pulling a trailer.

The earth is highly mineralized, I doubt it would sustain any trees or additional plant life. Could make for interesting place for mineral specimens and rock collecting. My guess it would contain many of the same elements found in the lake beyond, like sodium carbonate.

Unobstructed views across property to Searles Lake.

Property marker at roadside.

View looking north from marker.

Property lines overlay.

CA map.

Death Valley map detail.

Same map zoomed out.

BLM land ownership map.

Some people may give Trona a bad rap for obvious reasons, but we've always had a good time passing through to our old Panamint Valley properties or on way to tent camping at Panamint Springs Resort. Memories include spending the day with a local realtor and being shown the 80 acre Bainter Spring/Kings Ranch road compound (it was later destroyed by wind), hikes at Great Falls (yes waterfalls), and numerous pit stops in town which included the local library for some computer access. There are now options on places to eat and they are all decent! Plus recommend a visit to the Trona Pinnacles for camping out and sight seeing. Ridgecrest, a full service city, is about 1/2 hour away.