REDUCED 12/25/2020

PENDING 2/17/2021

SOLD 2/24/2021

20 acres right off exit 151, I-80.  1/8 mile wide by 1/4 mile long.  Two hours from Reno, NV, near Imlay and Mill City.

1.1 miles of graded dirt road from pavement to property, suitable for any passenger car -- we saw FedEx out making deliveries in a sprinter van.

Property is level and covered with grass, doubles as grazing pasture for cattle.  Firm soil so any car could drive to all corners of the property with little effort.

Great cell service and only a couple miles away from Casino, gas station, and Taco Bell.  Keep in mind that since you could walk to Taco Bell this property is not as remote as others we have sold.

Zoned AMR: agriculture - mining - recreation.  Single family residence allowed along with other business ventures by permit.

APN: 008-100-20


Owners will finance with $1000 down payment.  Monthly payment will be $150.43 for 15 years at 6.75%.

No Qualifying
No Credit Checks
No Pre-payment Penalties

Stopped and looking back at I-80, this dirt road is as good as they get.  The moment you leave the pavement zero out the odometer and you will be on the land at 1.1 miles.

Hills in the distance.

At 1.1 miles we are parked on the property.  As it is November the native grasses are now brown, and along the road way are some invasive Russian Thistle.

Parked on property and looking back towards I-80, Casino, gas, and restaurants.  Cell service is excellent.

Property views.

Looking at the bulk of the 20 acres from the road.

Dun Glen road continues on through property.

Level landscape with good soil.  Basically any car could drive the property to all four corners.  We didn't and preferred to keep it tire track free.  It is all rolling pasture out here, some cows where seen on the hills while these acres were pretty much flat.

Looking at the acreage on both sides of road.
I-80 in distance as seen from property, very little highway noise was evident but you could hear the trains rolling through.

Native grasses, and not the kind that stick to your socks!  Shoes and socks were weed free, unlike walking through a field of fox-tails.

Lava hills in southern distance.  All over NV the soil types change, this property has good farm/pasture dirt.  No lava rocks.

Time for some drone footage, nice to see things from a different perspective.  Southern view to casino.

Flat field of grass.

Nearing edge of property.

Higher up looking at the road in.

Other side of lot and views beyond.

Pretty much the whole parcel here.

County GIS map.

Topo map of area.

Map showing relation to Reno, NV.

Great lot with room to spread out.  If you are interested please send an email and we can discuss further details.  All questions are welcome, and with receipt of a down payment you can take possession of this property within a week!

Happy Trails