Happy New Year!

40 acres with spring water, in Nevada north of Bishop and east of Mammoth Lakes CA by 60+ miles.  Surrounded on all sides by public lands (BLM), virtually everything you see out here is available for your use at no extra cost.

$2000 down
$366.60 month
30 year term at 6.5% 

The road leaving NV 360 is wide and graded but easy to miss.  If you are interested in visiting plan ahead with google maps.  I also have a google earth file available upon request with all four corners marked.

Lower ponds filled in with grass.  Both ponds could be excavated and brought back for swimming and fishing - like they used to be.

Nevada/California map with pointer showing approximate location of property.  Benton and Dyer would be the closest towns with gas.

BLM land use map showing Company Spring, upper left hand corner.  40 acres with the spring just about right in the middle.  Red lines are dirt roads, obviously there are multiple routes to use.  Some are sandy and cross through washes, 4x4 is recommended.