Photo gallery 2

One of my favorite photos, Fish Lake Valley almond tree.  March 2009.

Hilton Creek, fourth branch from our back door.  Steps from the Davis/Hilton Lakes trailhead.

The fourth creek is great for picnics and babies.

March 2009 at Hilton Creek.

Staking a new road, Fish Lake Valley NV, mid June 2009.

Snake in the cold storage house.  Fish Lake Valley - mid June 2009.  One guest saw this photo and was afraid of snakes.  At Hilton Creek we've noticed a few Garter snakes and Rubber Boas.  Nothing poisonous as of yet!!

Rainbow Falls - Reds Meadow camping September 2009.

Shadow Lake cascades - Reds Meadow camping, September 2009.

Convict Creek and canyon hike, September 2009.

Owen Dry Lake playa, October 2009.

Mt. Whitney.

Lower Owens river with Lone Pine Peak.

Hilton Creek, iced up aspen leaf pool.

Aspen leaves in Hilton Creek, October 2009.

Keoghs ditch AKA Hot Ditch AKA "free" Keoghs!  Between Bishop and Big Pine right off the 395.

Hot ditch plunge.  November 2009.

Warm Springs pond about 3 miles due east of Hot Ditch.  Rough road, mildly heated, lots of crawdads.  November 2009.

Grotto Canyon walk.  Spring break trip 2010 - Panamint Valley, Death Valley, Trona Pinnacles, Ridgecrest/Inyokern, and Keoghs.  After a beautiful week of warmth and wildflowers we came home to snow storms.  But on the flip side the snowboarding was fantastic.

Death Valley student driver - Mesquite dunes in distance.

Trona Pinnacles at dusk.

Southbound 395 billboard for rent.  (Inyokern)  Asking $250/month.  No lights, yet.  "Golden Cactus"

Rare photo of Bridalveil Fall without crowds, must be October in the Valley.

October in Rock Creek canyon as we march on towards Mono pass. 

Ruby Lake - gem of a view.

About 4 miles later, a few smiles at the summit.  Casper getting riled up from snow.

Mono pass elevation 12,071 feet, give or take a few.

Heading back to a long overdue lunch (or early dinner) at Tom's Place.