Photo gallery

Bunch of pictures, no particular order. (you might need to re-fresh your browser to see them all) Mostly just life on the eastside, a showcase. 

Spring coming on at Hilton Creek.  

Aspens start to leaf out, Hilton Creek still rather tame.  Some years the melt-off creates a non stop roar.  Often the cascades here will splash all the way up to the deck.  When it gets summertime hot just sit on the bridge and the creek rushing by can create a small breeze. 

January sunset at Hilton Creek. 

Fall colors, best viewing in October. 

"The Rock" 

August evening thunder-shower along Rock Creek.  We were just finishing up with a birthday party. 

Back to the car just in time.  East Fork Parking lot, see you there sometime.

Oregon coast ghost. 

Davis Lake, last one of the many Hilton Lakes that feed Hilton Creek.  Sandy and shallow for a distance, great summer swim. 

LA to Barstow 2Vegas 2008 - high up in the El Pasos and headed to Johannesburg for lunch.  The big bikes had trouble on these downhills. 

LA to Barstow 2Vegas 2008 - Mohave River water crossing.  DRZ400 on left, KLR650 right. 

LA to Barstow 2Vegas 2008 - Afton Canyon looking down river. 

Swansea petroglyphs with plenty of sun in the eyes. 

Fossil prospectors in an ancient shore bed. 

Dusk on the Owens dry Lake. 

Night brings tales of ghastly events. 

Morning brings gun safety and target practice. 

In 2008 more water went to the Owens dry Lake and Owens Valley than down the aqueduct to Los Angeles.  Who allowed that to happen? 

Up in Coyote looking towards the Palisade glaciers. 

Views from Coyote across the Owens Valley to the Inyo's.

Owens Valley singletrack. 

High along the spine of the Inyo's, looking up Owen's Valley.  Big Pine to the left, Bishop straight ahead. 

Snowy singletrack from Dick Allen's Sierra Safari ride - 2008.  Big Springs vicinity. 

Camping out. 

Ryholite's Last Supper. 


Surpise Canyon waterfall, Panamints. 

Camped out in Sherman Town.  Panamint range and Surprise Canyon in background. 

Dusk at the Old Whiteside Diggings, Mazourka Canyon. 


Dave's run, Mammoth Mountain. 

Rocky and Potlicker, Ballarat. 

Hilton Creek snowed in. 

Winter aspen forest.


Creek-side colors.


One of many lakes in the Little Lakes Valley, headwaters of Rock Creek. 

Little Lakes Valley, an easy hike from Mosquito Flats trailhead. 

McGee Creek backcountry, minutes before thundershower. 

Close up. 

Hilton Creek community as seen from atop of McGee. 

Convict Lake from the side of McGee. 

Long Valley. 

Outhouse and views on Bald Mountain. 

Pearsonville "Midway" lunch stop at the No Name trailer park. 

Sunset over Mammoth Mountain. 

Panamint Valley, looking for Shermantown corner posts. 

There's one! 

Guess where? 

A hint for the above question. 

Great Falls. 

Great Falls, tall. 

A frozen Hilton Creek getting ready to overflow banks. 

Bluebird day at Mammoth. 

Chair 23 starting to turn. 

40 acres somewhere in Lassen County.  For sale! 

Lassen county sunset. 

Death Valley days. 

Street legal in Titus Canyon. 

Support Mammoth Skate Park, or private property rights? 

A face peered out of the blackness.  Seriously.