Santa Rosa mine - royalty deed


OWF with $100 down payment.  Monthly payments $81.50 (1 year only with no interest)

The Santa Rosa Mine is located in the southern end of the Inyo Mountains roughly between Cerro Gordo and Darwin and accessed off of Highway 190.  We are selling our 2% royalty interest in the entire 113 acre property. 

No photos currently but plenty of online video to view minerals:

County maintained road to property.  APN 031-130-01 
View property through the Inyo County GIS mapping system and paste in the APN into search bar:

Extensive underground workings, this was a large mine back in the day.  Plenty of spots to camp out and hike.  Unique opportunity to own property along with the federal governent, the BLM.  Could make for an interesting partnership!

The mine is accessible by motor vehicle. To reach the mine turn north from State Highway 190 on a good dirt road 28.1 miles east of the western terminus of the high-way near Lone Pine; drive 5.7 miles to a fork in the dirt road; take the left fork and drive 5.3 miles in a north-westerly direction to the mine. The nearest railroad station is at Keeler, a distance of approximately 25 miles over the above-mentioned route. 

Altitudes shown on the surface map of the Santa Rosa mine area range from about 6,500 feet to 7,160 feet; the crest of the Inyo Mountains, to the west, has an altitude of about 7,300 feet. The semiarid climate of the area is characterized by strong winds and a wide range in daily and annual temperature. No water is available in the Santa Rosa area; water, both for domestic purposes and 
for mine operations, has to be hauled from Keeler or Darwin. Vegetation is sparse and consists predominantly of sage brush, Joshua trees, and Mormon tea (Ephedra)

Although the general area was prospected as early as 1870, it was not until the summer of 1910 that the late Ynacio Ruiz of Lone Pine, California, discovered the Santa Rosa ore-bearing veins which are in an inlier of Permian silicated limestone surrounded by volcanic 
rocks. Probably the earlier prospectors assumed that the Santa Rosa area consisted entirely of barren volcanic rocks and overlooked it in their search for ore. When viewed from a distance the silicated limestone closely re-sembles the volcanic rocks.