Pine Tree Canyon16

12-20-2020  SOLD!

16 acres near Pine Tree Canyon with easy access off Highway 14, with just over 1/2 mile of dirt road.  High desert, Kern County, and close to Jawbone Canyon and Red Rock Canyon.  Pine Tree Canyon (sometimes called Lone Tree) is marked by the second largest siphon for the LA Aqueduct after Jawbone Canyon.

Zoned PL RS: platted lands residential suburban, which allows for a mixed use of residential and ranching.

$28,000 OBO

Owner financed!  $2000 down and payable at $225.77 per month.  6.45% over 15 years!

Power lines come through the property so potential for a solar installation.

Couple legal options to drive to the property, both involved some dirt.  MK25 and MK101 both skirt the property so access is legal.  Also a high transmission power corridor cuts through the land on an easement, so it's like having two separate lots, one larger about 13 acres in size and a reminder of about 3 acres.

But don't take my word for it, look online here at the Kern County GIS mapping page:

To locate this property type in the APN in their search bar, which is 46909104

Due to it's close proximity to Southern California this parcel could make a great spot for a weekend getaway, it is only 1-1.5 hours away from Los Angeles depending on where you live, and traffic!

Google map coordinates to center of property, create your own driving directions:

Standing on the edge of the 16+- acres and looking at the rugged hills.  We spent many of our younger years out here, camping and exploring about.  The hills look inhospitable but have a lot going on.  The Pacific Crest Trail goes over, the LA aqueduct goes through, and high up there are old mining cabins and numerous springs, even pine forests and a massive lake further north.

Parked on the property and on access road MK101 right about where it intersects with the power line easement and route MK25.  I can recall flying through on MK25 many years back doing the LA - Barstow - 2Vegas dirt bike ride.  Did about 225 miles per day on questionable roads and sand washes, wasn't easy but enjoyed seeing our massive deserts!

Motorcycle single track cuts through the smaller triangle, still smooth so my guess it sees little use.  Anyhow, as a landowner, it is up to you to allow access or deny it.

View looking towards the 14.  If you haven't been out this way I recommend a drive, 14 to the 395.  Basically the gateway to the Owens Valley and Eastern Sierra.

Another view towards a long mountain range, could be the start of the Sierra Nevada.

Close up on a passing trail, saw some faint tracks.

High power lines cutting through property on their own easement.

Old can up-righted.

More infrastructure.

Over on the larger side of property, unobstructed views.

Closer look at the mountainside, trails here connect over to Jawbone Canyon and a place known as the "Moon".

Looking south towards the town of Mojave, and more infrastructure for the solar fields.  Once of the roads in goes right by a large installation.

Taking MK101 out, didn't know what to expect but it was a lot shorter and in great shape for any type of passenger car.

Last leg of dirt road running parallel to Highway 14.

It was just barely over 1/2 mile of dirt to this unnamed highway entrance/exit, not bad! 

Looking back at highway frontage dirt road.

Two Highway 14 exits give access to property, obviously the route shown above is quickest.  (MK101)  Red rectangle is just my approximate drawing to show property lines and utility easement.

Actual property overlay taken from Kern County's GIS mapping data.

Final thoughts - this land could make a good starter property for someone who enjoys the southern California deserts and being outdoors.  Set it up as a base camp for getting away from city life but make sure you have a place to already live.  Kern County is like anywhere else, you can't live on the property out of your car - not realistic.  Up the road we sold another property to a buyer who likes to camp around the southwest.  He installed a septic tank and travels around the country in his RV, stopping occasionally at his hidden desert lot to enjoy time on his terms.

Others have bought land from us and have created many great things, that's part of what owning property is all about.

Thanks for looking!