Long Valley Creek Acreage

SOLD!!  1-7-2019

$65,000 - seller financing available, and recent price reduction!

With $3,000 down the owners will finance the balance of $62K for 15 years at 5.77%, monthly payments $515.52 per month.  And not opposed to a longer term, shorter is just better for all parties.

21.7 acres with seasonal river frontage and good access off Highway 395, about 1/2 hour from Reno.  This is a one of a kind ranch site on a bluff, with flowing water, and directly adjacent to public lands.  (and deeded access)

This photo I am on the land, looking upstream towards wildlife preserve.  This is the back of the property, not some river miles way or down the block that you can drive by or see by bridge.  Many land sellers will show you what is nearby, I prefer to show you what you will be owning.

FYI, this property is above Doyle in California, but close to Reno, NV.  I have heard that the creek has dried up and gone beneath the sands for the summer - as of August.  Summer flows depend mainly on heavy winters, this year was below average.  And with the water gone until winter, consider the sandy creek bed another great access point to adjacent public lands.  Ride, hike, explore...

Plenty of soft sand underfoot, the 21.7 acres extend past the creek on both sides.

Looking downstream towards the 395 on June 16, 2018 around 2 p.m.

The red arrow points to property, as you can see the creek passes completely throught the land.  I would estimate that the creek bed and associated flood plain takes up about 5 acres of the parcel.  1/8 mile of creek frontage on both sides, making 1/4 mile total of stream bank!  Long Valley Creek begins in the Mountains near Reno and heads 45+ miles to Honey Lake.

Parked right on BB Way, just off the 395 at the Laver Crossing exit.

Looking at 395 from van.

More signage.  I personally prefer to be adjacent to public lands, more opportunities to recreate.  More info on the Doyle State Game area found here: https://legallabrador.org/california-wildlife-areas/doyle-wildlife-area

Another sign in the brush designated the Fort Sage OHV area, about a couple miles further down the road: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blmcalifornia/sets/72157669283734145

Fitting there was wildlife on the wildlife sign.

So after driving about 1/2 mile, and passing a couple neighboring ranches you will arrive at the property -- the entrance is shown below.  The entire upper portion of the land is fenced/gated making it very easy to spot.

Property is signed but prospective buyers are welcome to walk the land, with prior arrangements.  Photo taken from NE corner, and is looking south towards the townsite of Doyle, CA, and boundary fence with easterly neighbor.

Lands to the immediate north share 1/8 mile boundary with the State Wildlife Area.

Photo taken from driveway/access road looking back at main gate.  It appears there is only one more residence past these 21.7 acres and then it dead ends making for very light to no vehicular use.  Very minor washboard was evident.

Basically an entire shot of the land, or what you can see from the driveway.  Not very spectacular and a chore to walk through.  Fortunately this property extends far over to the creek and beyond it, over there the landscape changes drastically.  

The photo below has a red arrow that shows where this above pictue was taken.

Another shot of the drive in, entrance gate now almost 1/8 mile away.

Phone lines buried if you are still interested in a land line.  I double checked and there is no electricity nearby, everyone out here is "off-the-grid".  Water and septic would be on your own meaning a well would have to be drilled.  I spoke to the county planner and he mentioned that utilities could be phased in, meaning, if you plan to build one day they will permit well drilling or septic without an open building permit.

Last neighbor on the road and westerly boundary fence/gate.

Time to leave the Astro Van and check out the riparian area.  It was a pretty long day with most of it spent north of Susanville on a property that was trashed by marijuana growers.  But to be fair to all the cultivators out there it wasn't really the grow that caused all the damage, rather it was irresponsible people just dumping household garbage everywhere, plus junk.  Think "Hoarders" on steriods, raw land edition.  

For this reason, if you are interested in this property and would like to take advantage of seller financing it will be noted in the contract that nothing illegal will be permitted while one makes the payments, that includes driving a bunch on junk vehicles onto the land to live out of.

Standing in center of property looking east.

Looking west towards sierra range.  The property size isn't the the largest we've owned but as you can see it is private, with just a couple homes nearby and still far away from it all.  Lassen county also doesn't require grading permits, so if you are handy with a tractor and would like to rough in roads or building pads it is allowed.

I'd estimate that 75% of the of the property is flat as a pancake, here I'm looking down from the bluff towards the creek, floodplain, and neighbor to the east.  It's good to be on high ground because sometimes creeks can turn into torrential rivers, and there is evidence of this happening below.

On the bluff looking SE.

Heading down towards the water, as I move closer the vegetation changes too.  Close to my estimation, the county mapped out the wetlands/flood plain area at 4.5 acres, still leaving plenty of usable building space.

Small willows, perhaps tens of thousands.

Long Valley Creek, downstream view.

Upstream, I particularly like the sandy banks and sandy river bottoms.  At home we live on a creek and it is all rock and whitewater, which is nice too.  (makes a lot of background noise)

Over a foot deep in spots, moving along.  I took a quick video, will post it up later.

Some footage from mid-June, 2018.

Looked like young bamboo, felt like it too.

Thistle, gave me a poke as I walked by.

Found an easy spot to ford.

On the other side, and still on the property the sand was wet because the creek levels are going down for summer.  Does the water flow all year?  Sometimes sure, or, during late season drought years it can dry up and go under the sand.  

Sandy bottoms, didn't see any color to speak of...

What I liked about this shot was that while most of the creek water was mild in temperature, the small streams here were very cold, so I thought it must be a spring.

On property, in the water and it was actually very refreshing.  I could see my kids running all over the place and pitching a tent up on the sand.  Water play for hours.

Yes, could use a new pair of shoes, bluff shown beyond creek.

Creek bottom was actually real big, making me think this really has a lot of potential to get water moving towards Honey Lake.  In fact, I've been told that during winters when the sierra snow pack gets rained on by an atmospheric river, this gentle creek sometimes turns into a raging river.  The river bottom in some places is over 25 yards wide, making for huge sand washes once the flooding subsides.

And speaking of high water, this debris pile was probably seven feet above the current water level.

Leaving the creek and headed back, still have a lot of miles to get home.

Last look at down sloping portion of bluff.

Neighbor's fence, good shape.

Final walk back to the van.

And headed out.

Approximate property corners marked with X.

California/Nevada map to show property location off Highway 395.  The dashed line running down the center of the screen is the border between CA and NV.

The property is zoned A-1 (General Agriculture District). Single family dwelling, ranching/farm buildings and accessory buildings are allowed, as well as many commercial uses by right.  Lassen County zoning info below:

All uses allowed by right in the following zones: R-1, U-C, U-C-2 and E-A; except that only one single-family dwelling may be allowed by right; additional dwelling units and residential uses may only be allowed upon first securing a use permit. Also, that kennels may be allowed by right provided the parcel is five acres or more in area; kennels on parcels which are less than five acres in size may only be allowed upon first securing a use permit. (Ord. 467-V § 3, 1998; Ord. 467-J § 2, 1991).

Uses allowed by use permit in an A-1 district shall be as follows:

    (1)  Airports, except that private airstrips operated exclusively for agricultural purposes or by a public agency for fire protection purposes shall not require a use permit;

    (2)  Commercial excavation or surface mining of natural materials;

    (3)  Cemetery, crematory, mausoleum or other places for the disposal of the human dead;

    (4)  Commercial stockyards and feedlots;

    (5)  Drilling for and/or removal of oil, gas or other hydrocarbon substances;

    (6)  Uses allowed by right or by use permit in the C-T zone;

    (7)  Commercial hog farms;

    (8)  Sawmills;

    (9)  Mobile home parks and RV parks;

    (10)   Uses allowed by use permit in the following zones: R-1, U-C, U-C-2 and E-A;

    (11)   Additional dwelling units; and

    (12)   All other uses similar to those enumerated above when determined by the planning director, upon presentation of substantial evidence, to be of the same or similar character as the above permitted uses. (Ord. 467-J § 2, 1991).

Thanks for reading along and making this far.  If you are interested in viewing the land please email or call, seven6zero-709-0293 or owensdrylake@hotmail.com  

Upon receipt of the down payment I can turn the paper work around quickly and you can be in possession of this property within a week.

Happy Trails!