California Valley


For sale are two separate 2.5 acres parcels, sold separately or buy both for a discount.

Held in the family for about 50 years!  Located in San Luis Obispo County off of Highway 58 and close to Carrizo Plains National Monument.  To the east is Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo, and Atascadero.  To the west the closest major city is Bakersfield.  This is as country as it gets with major cities about 1 hour away give or take. (scenic and remote)

There are some utilities in the area and a few neighbors.  School aged children have a daily bus and are part of the Atascadero Unified School District.  Zoning for these lots allow for up to 2 homes each, multiple outbuildings for storage, farming, ranching, and animals.  We noticed many farms and agriculture while driving through.

Both parcels are easy to find and most all corners are marked, just plug in the google links if you'd like to drive out and walk the land.

Owner financing is included, no credit checks or qualifying - concerning land loans, we are better than dealing with a bank.

Parcel #1
2.5 acres
APN 082-291-013
Terms: $2000 down, $18,000 financed over 10 years at 6% = $199.84 per month

Parcel #2
2.5 acres
APN 082-191-031
Terms: $2000 down, $22,000 financed over 10 years at 6% = $244.25 per month

Package deal -- purchase both together (5 acres) for $37,500 with payments close to $350/month!  Again, other terms are available, let us know what works in your budget.

Parcel #1 (near Corner of Belmont Trail and Gleason Road)

Google map link to parcel #1:

This parcel is easy to find almost right off Belmont Trail.  We were told it was once planted in alfafa and soil still looks great.

Parked on Gleason Road, neighboring parcel is fenced so easy to see boundary of the parcel.  Looking north towards Belmont Trail and power lines.

Full view of the 2.5 acres, with homes and ranches in the distance.

2.5 acres = 330' x 330'.  Corner post marks other end of lot.

Standing at the marked SE corner looking north,

Random wildflowers near center of lot.

Parcel #2 (Near corner of Dos Palos and Dobbins Trail)

Google map link to parcel #2:

Parcel #2 sits in the back of the subdivision where we've been told the water and soil is the best.  We are parked on Dobbins Trail.

Views to the south.

View to the north, again the neighbors fence line marks the property boundary.

Near the center of the lot looking south towards the Carrizo Ranch.

Looking east towards Carrizo Ranch.

Headed back to Dobbins Trail, view from property.

At the other end of the 2.5 acres there was a monument post, approximately 330' from where we parked.

Dobbins Trail with power poles in distance.

Corner of Dobbins and Los Palos, other side of fence is ranch lands.

We drove up to the SE corner and highest spot of the subdivision.  Property for sale seen below.

Drop us a line and let us know if you are interested or have more questions.  We sell land often and are happy to hear from you!