2.54 commercial acres in Bieber, CA

Commercial acreage for sale by owner, held in two separate but adjacent parcels.  Frontage off Highway 299 and a side street, the property is fenced and has a canal at the back making for a nice location to build a variety of businesses.  Or, keep one lot and sell the other, lot line adjustments and/or mergers are allowable by Lassen County.

$45K, owner financing available with $2500 down payment.  Monthly payments of $336.09 for 15 years at 5%.  Other options available, let me know what works for you.

Excellent site for a combination dwelling and commercial venture along the busy US 299 corridor.  Most utilities are present on site, buyer to verify.

New buyers OK, no credit OK, anyone who can make the monthly payment qualifies.   Consider starting a new business, building a home, or both.  Complete C-T zoning spelled towards the bottom of this page.

Close to the Big Valley Market for supplies and decent fishing along the Pit River within walking distance.

Zoned C-T

Uses allowed by right in a C-T district shall be as follows:

    (1)  Retail stores and shops of a light commercial character and conducted within a building, including, but not limited to, appliance stores, banks, barbershops, bars, taverns and brewpubs, beauty parlors, bookstores, self-service laundromats, laundry or dry cleaning services, dress shops, drugstores, food stores, furniture shops, hardware stores, millinery shops, mini-storage warehouses, professional offices, pet shops, radio sales, restaurants, refreshment stands, shoe shops, storage garages, studios, and tailor shops, and other uses which are of similar character to those enumerated and which will not be detrimental or obnoxious to the neighborhood in which they are to be located;

    (2)  Repair shops;

    (3)  Car washes;

    (4)  Feed stores and agricultural product sales;

    (5)  One single-family dwelling, including one noncommercial guest house;

    (6)  Ceramics, fly-tying, gunsmiths and other handcrafts of a light manufacturing character when used in conjunction with a retail business and when conducted and confined within a building;

    (7)  Retail or wholesale nursery and florists, including landscaping yards when accessory to a nursery operation;

    (8)  Shopping centers;

    (9)  Agricultural uses, but not including commercial hog, poultry or fish farms, stockyards or feedlots;

    (10)   Mini-storage warehouses;

    (11)   Heavy equipment and farm equipment rental, service and sales;

    (12) Kennels, provided the parcel is five acres or more in size;

    (13)   Automobile sales;

    (14)   Day care facilities and other employment center services;

    (15)   Emergency shelters;

    (16)   Transitional housing;

    (17)   Supportive housing. (Ord. 2014-002 § 3; Ord. 467-AC § 14, 2003; Ord. 467-W § 2, 1998; Ord. 467-V § 11, 1998; Ord. 467-Q § 9, 1994; Ord. 467-G § 6, 1990; Ord. 467 § 54, 1984).

Uses allowed by use permit in a C-T district shall be as follows:

    (1)  Community festival or fair facilities;

    (2)  Flea market or open air retail sales;

    (3)  Recreational vehicle parks;

    (4)  Multiple-family dwellings;

    (5)  Kennels, (if the parcel is less than five acres in size) and animal hospitals, provided all activities are conducted and confined within an enclosed building;

    (6)  Libraries, churches, schools, lodges, community centers, clinics, and other public services facilities;

    (7)  Motel or hotel;

    (8)  Theaters and auditoriums;

    (9)  Public utility installations;

    (10)   Public and private recreational facilities, including, but not limited to, golf courses, bowling alleys, racquetball clubs and roller rinks;

    (11)   Retail lumber and building materials sales yards;

    (12)   Welding shops and body shops;

    (13)   Commercial storage yard;

    (14)   Commercial woodlots;

    (15)   Mobile home parks;

    (16)   Contractors yards;

    (17)   Automobile service stations and towing services, provided that all operations except the servicing with petroleum products, air and water be conducted and confined within an enclosed building. (Ord. 467-W § 3, 1998; Ord. 467-V § 12, 1998; Ord. 467-Q § 10, 1994; Ord. 467-G § 6, 1990; Ord. 467 § 54, 1984).